Grifols is pleased to announce the opening of its newest donor center in Port Huron.  This state-of-the-art 15,000 square foot facility is the latest addition to Grifols' extensive plasma collection network.  Grifols is a global healthcare company that produces life-saving plasma medicines for people with rare, chronic and life-threatening conditions.   

Plasma donated at Grifols plasma donor centers is used to produce important medicines out of human plasma for people with rare and serious conditions, such as immune deficiencies, bleeding disorders, a rare neurological disorder, a genetic form of emphysema, and to treat shock, trauma, and burns.  Grifols operates the largest network of plasma donor centers in the world that includes over 170 centers in the United States.   

The center has currently hired 25 people from the local area, with expectations to increase to 40 to 50 employees as the center expands their operations.  Grifols invested $2.5 million in the construction and set up of the the donor center, whose design will incorporate new industry technologies including Donor Doc, a donor-self registration platform that helps improve donor screening efficiency.  

Grifols projects it will ultimately contribute over $6.0 million each year to the local economy through payroll, donor fees and other operating expenses.  
For more information see the attached Full Press Release with photos included.