St. Clair County, Michigan

The introduction of the 2017 all-new Chrysler Pacifica minivan was a real crowd pleaser at this year’s Detroit Auto Show. A celebration was recently held at Fiat-Chrysler’s Windsor plant in Canada to mark the production and anticipation of the hit new minivans on their way to Chrysler dealerships. 

In regards to the 2017 Chrysler Pacific line, St. Clair County has something to celebrate as well.   It turns out several of our local automotive manufacturers are suppliers to this new family-friendly, modern minivan.  Chassix in Port Huron, manufacturers the front steering knuckle for the new Pacifica.  International Automotive Components Port Huron provides the headliner substrate; and its St. Clair facility provides front and mid-flooring.  Centracore LLC of St. Clair produced three machined aluminum die castings for the Pacifica.  At US Farathane, the Pacifica has added 14 additional jobs which could yet increase as volume increases.  US Farathane is the key supplier for Front end injection molded components for the Pacifica minivan.  In addition to added jobs, this has brought in some new technology to US Farathane Port Huron.          

“We are very proud that PTM’s Campus has been awarde several different programs and has had a more than 20 year business relationship with Chrysler.  PTM’s Advanced Engineering Center was awarded 6 prototype parts directly from Chrysler.  PTM Corporation was also awarded the manufacturing of two Chrysler parts from a tier 1 undisclosed customer.  From product development to production, we’ve worked with Chrysler engineers and plant level management on vehicle process tools for its closure panels,” said PTM Corporation’s President/CEO and Co-Owner, Donna Russell-Kuhr.  PTM is located in Ira Township.

Triton Automation Group, LLC provided two systems to aid in the production of parts for the Pacifia, including a two robot work cell for Eclipse Mold to inspect and produce the Sto-N-Go seating hinges and two hydraulic de-gating systems to cleanly removes excess plastic “gates” produced during the injection molding process of Closeout Trim parts.  

“Our automotive workforce DNA, quality manufacturing processes and automated technology provided by companies like Triton, are all part of the huge success that contributes to our local auto industry cluster.  Combine this with the fact that we are centrally located to over 25 automotive plants, and it demonstrates that St. Clair County is one of the leading regions in the U.S. for automotive manufacturing,” said Dan Casey, CEO of the Economic Development Alliance of St. Clair County.     

About EDA:
The Economic Development Alliance (EDA) of St. Clair County is the Blue Water Region’s leader in economic development working to connect businesses with opportunities, promote our regional assets to recruit new business, help influence job creation and grow our local economy.