Discover the Blue

Water is the distinguishing characteristic of St. Clair County, Michigan. It’s what makes us different from a thousand other communities.

St. Clair County, Michigan, covers 724 square miles, but you’re never far from the water.

We border on vast Lake Huron, the third-largest freshwater lake on the planet behind Lake Baikal and Lake Superior. French explorers knew it as La Mer Douce, or the Sweetwater Sea.

Those same explorers spoke of “Le Détroit” – The Strait – the waterway connecting Lake Huron with Lake Erie and the boundary between the United States and Canada.

At the upper end of this strait is the muscular St. Clair River, which flows for 40 miles from Lake Huron to Lake St. Clair, where it divides into channels and forms the St. Clair Flats, the nation’s largest freshwater delta.

This is our backyard. It’s where we enjoy the beaches and the boating, the fishing and the freighter-watching, the kayaking and the wind-surfing.

It’s where you’ll Discover the Blue, and we mean that quite literally. Our water can be the bluest of blue, its surface reflecting the colors of the sky. Beyond spectacular, you have to see it to believe it.