The most significant asset offered in the Blue Water area is the quality and productivity of its workforce.  St. Clair County is a part of the metro Detroit region and pulls talent from its labor pool, offering a clear advantage over many other locales.  Michigan has the third most engineers per capita in the U.S. and leads the country for core automotive engineering, and the vast majority of them are located in metro Detroit and St. Clair County.

The automotive talent that infuses the industry is pervasive and includes management, purchasing, marketing, supply chain management, human resources, telematics and many other highly technical careers.  St. Clair County supplies labor to this burgeoning industry, as well as others, and its workforce provides the following advantages to companies seeking access to talent: 

Labor force within less than an hour commute: 247,233
Labor force within 1 hour: 1,086,401

  •  A right to work State
  • Competitive Labor Costs
  • Low unionization         

For detailed information on St. Clair County’s workforce, please visit the data center.