Huron Automatic Screw Company

The business friendly environment in St. Clair Co. has supported our growth for 83 years.  We have been able to grow with local talent who exhibit a strong work ethic and adaptability to the changing technologies in our industry. And the quality of life here is exceptional. It's centered around the beautiful Blue Water our area is known for, which means access to boating, fishing and other outdoor opportunities are second to none. 

Edward Brooks, President, Huron Automatic Screw Company

SMR Automotive International

The primary reason for investing nearly $40 million into expanding our Marysville facility over competing sites in Alabama or Mexico was our people.  Our workforce is highly capable and very loyal. They have automotive DNA in their blood.  Also, the partnerships SMR shares with the state of Michigan, St. Clair County and the city of Marysville are prime examples of how the community and the business enterprise can come together and collaboratively create opportunities.

Char Zawadzinski, Chief Operating Officer, SMR Automotive International

SEMCO Energy Gas Company

SEMCO Energy has had great success in St. Clair County recruiting a skilled workforce, including engineers, accountants and human resource professionals, as well as field technicians and customer service support.

President , SEMCO Energy Gas Company