Selfridge Air National Guard Base

Selfridge Air National Guard base is located just minutes from our region’s perimeter, but serves St. Clair County via assigned units such as U.S. customs and border patrol.  Selfridge is one of the oldest and most complex military fields in the nation.
More than 40 tenants, including components of the U.S. Air force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Customs & Border Protection, are located at Selfridge ANG base.  In total, nearly 3,000 full-time civilian and military personnel work at the base, in addition to approximately 3,000 members of the Air and Army National Guard and the Reserve components of the U.S. Armed Forces.  

U.S. Border Patrol 

Customs Border Patrol, a component of the Department of Homeland Security, helps to facilitate lawful international trade and travel to and from the U.S. and around the globe.  It also has a responsibility for securing the border and enforcing U.S. laws and regulations, including immigration and drug laws.