Corporate Tax Rate

In recent years, the State of Michigan has aggressively reduced the tax burden on businesses and residents.  In 2014, the Tax Foundation ranked Michigan 14th among states for its tax burden.  At 6%, Michigan’s corporate tax is ranked the 9th lowest and its sales tax is 7th lowest among states. (Source: 2014 State Business Tax Climate Index).

Personal Income Tax

While tax rates vary by location, Michigan's property tax system provides automatic exemptions that effectively cut personal property taxes by 65% for industrial businesses, and 23% for commercial businesses.

Sales Tax

The state sales tax is 6% on sales of tangible goods. No local sales taxes are allowed. Additionally, there is no state sales tax charged on:

  • manufacturing machinery and equipment
  • electricity and natural gas used in production
  • pollution control equipment

For more in-depth tax information, as well as unemployment and Worker’s Compensation visit the Michigan Economic Development Corporation website.  

Millage Rates


City of Port Huron - 56.4792

City of Maryville – 60.3809

City of St.Clair- 57.1830

Fort Gratiot Township – 44.2446

Port Huron Township - 47.8249

For additional City, Township or Village rates within St. Clair County, please contact the EDA at 810.982.9511



Michigan has reinvented the incentive process, instead of offering tax credits that may provide future savings based on jobs and investment targets, MEDC has incentive programs that provide immediate benefit.  Each year, $170 million is available in incentives and assistance. Plus, $100 million is available in loans to small and midsize businesses.  *Source:  Michigan Economic Development Corporation

For detailed information on incentives available or incentive packaging, please contact the EDA toll free at 1.877.982.9511