Type: Land/Acreage
Size: 40 Acres
Price: Negotiable
Incentives: Yes, tax and workforce training incentives possible based on quality job creation.

Waterfront Development Opportunity

  • Water, Sewer, Gas & Electric Installed
  • Former Brownfield Site / Developer Ready
  • Primed for Commercial/Residential/Recreational Development
  • Located in Port Huron Opportunity Zone
  • 9 Distinct Parcels
  • Existing Succesful businesses on some parcels 
  • Development Incentives (based on investment and job creation) 

Acheson Ventures, LLC wishes to sell a very attractive 40-acre property in the south side of Port Huron the St. Clair River ton developer who will capitalize on the opportunity for its commercial, recreational and residential development.

*A parcel split may be considered for the right development/investment


*Concept Plan - Awaiting your development.  Our Vision.  Your Success. 

Office.  Hotel.  Residential.  Recreation.  Retail.