In an effort to deal with fuel efficiency mandates and fuel price fatigue, building lighter vehicles will continue to be part of a growing trend.  Lightweight materials are a cost-effective way to boost fuel efficiency on conventional combustion engine vehicles and advanced automobiles like hybrids, electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles.  Put simply, we will start seeing plastics in more places (in the vehicle market).  

The aluminum and plastics/composite industries are developing advanced materials to help auto makers design lighter and safer cars.  Leading technology companies are also developing weight saving solutions that include these materials along with steel for new applications.

In addition to interior parts such as trim, knobs, consoles and panels being made of plastic, it's also used for front and rear bumpers, side skirts and mirror housings.  It may not be too far off that you see everyday production vehicles whose entire exterior bodies are made of plastic, skipping the aluminum or steel typically used for body panels.

Why Advanced Plastics companies belong in St. Clair County?
Our region offers close proximity to 25 auto assembly facilities and provides your company with solid customer base.  Also, proximity to local businesses such as Nova Chemical and Dynamic Polymer Solutions would provide raw feed stock nearby for production.

Existing Plastics Industry Cluster:
Blue Water Bio Products
Dynamic Polymer Solutions:
Engineered Plastic Components (EPC)
Grupo Antolin 
Marysville Ethanol
Michigan Foam & Fabrication
Norma Group
US Farathane