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Magnificent waterfront view!

The property sits 100 feet back from the edge of the beautiful St. Clair River. It is not directly on the water, but it is only separated by a public walkway. The site is approximately 5 acres. It is bordered on three sides by streets and on the east by a public waterfront walkway adjacent to the St. Clair River. (refer to maps attached) There are four parcels separated by streets which create the site. Though the parcels are separated by Fort, Michigan, & Glenwood, there is a possibility of having the streets vacated. Buy one parcel or all four to create a fantastic development with a magnificent water view!

Site Size: approximately 5 acres with adjoining vacated streets
Zoning: CBD, Central Business District. The CBD zoning allows for commercial, retail, offices, restaurants, hotels, recreational, and residential, including a high-rise after special permit. A 7-story or 80 foot high structure is allowed. A taller building could be constructed with a variance from zoning board of appeals. The city owned parcel north of Glenwood is zoned R-1, single and two-family residential. A rezoning or special permit may be necessary.