A significant asset of the Blue Water area is our highly skilled and productive workforce. In St. Clair County, you will find a pool of engineering and manufacturing professionals whose talents are adaptable to a number of emerging markets including defense and alternative energy sectors.

Labor force within less than an hour commute: 247,233
Labor force within 1 hour: 1,086,401
Employees consider 30-60 minute commute “common” drive time

Additional advantages include:

  • A right to work State
  • Competitive Labor Costs
  • Low unionization

For detailed information on St. Clair County’s workforce, please visit the data center.

An important component for educating and training our future workforce has been the development of Blue Middle College which provides area students with a 2-year degree 100% free.  This program has been incredibly successful and will be expanding to offer a similar program for Career and Technical Education Careers, including skilled trades.  

Blue Water Middle College Website